Kid's Alder Wetsuits
  Chest Height Waist
Size Inches cm Imperial cm Inches cm
XS  24"-25"  64 3'8" 114 23"-24" 59-60
S  26"-27"  66 4' 122 24"-25" 61-64
M  28"-29"  71 4'5" 134 25"-26 64-66
L  30"-31"  78 4'7" 140 26"-27" 66-69
XL  31"-32"  81 5' 152 27"-28" 69-72
2XL  32"-33"  84 5'2" 158 28"-29" 72-74
3XL  34"-35"  89 5'4"-5'6" 162-167 29"-30" 74 -78

Before Placing Your Order we recommend that you read the following...

 Choosing the right size 

When choosing a suit for kids it's important to remember that a suit that's too big won't keep them warm and a suit that's too small will be uncomfortable, so don't try to choose with a view to making the suit last two years. It will be too big in the first year and too small in the second. 

However, if ordering in the autumn for the following spring you should certainly consider selecting a size too large for your child at the moment. The height guide is less important than the width guides but children only grow up-wards, if not up, so take this into consideration.

In the event that you're not entirely happy with the fit of the suit it can be exchanged provided that it has not been used (please note that the cost of postage is not refundable).

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