North Wales Wetsuits


Men's Drifter 5/4/3mm Steamer
  • Twin needle blindstitch 
  • Bat flap with integral collar 
  • Single lined torso 
  • Adjustable collar 
  • Firewall on chest and back 
  • Dual texture kneepads 
  • Pre-bent knee and arms
  • Key holder 
  • Super stretch on all panels 
  • 3mm behind knee panel 
  • 60% neoprene taped seams on inside 


    Mesh or Single Lined
    Mesh is the term for neoprene without the usual external nylon coating. It is very flexible and thus more comfortable than nylon coated neoprene and also warmer in strong winds.
    Mesh should only be used in carefully chosen areas of the suit as it is more prone to damage from sharp objects.  

    Super Stretch
    Also known as "X" Stretch Neoprene. Developed for excellent stretch and memory. Hardwearing stretch nylon on the outside with softer super stretch nylon on the inside provides excellent comfort and fit.  

    Liquid Taping
    Also known as S or Super Seal. A type of rubber applied to the seams in liquid form to achieve a 100% watertight seal and add to the overall strength of the seam. 

    Firewall is a light, warm and very comfortable lining, which contains large volumes of inert air. This air is key to it's high insulating property. Firewall has a low water absorption inf act it repels moisture and is therefore quick drying plus it has excellent 4-way stretch. 

    Stops water from entering the suit through the zip

 Mens Plasma Storm 5/3mm Steamer
Bat Flap Detail
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